Legal Aid does not file a bankruptcy unless doing so will stop or prevent the foreclosure of a house, stop or prevent the repossession of a mobile home or vehicle, stop or prevent the garnishment of wages or bank accounts, or allow the person who is filing to regain their Virginia drivers license. We will not file a bankruptcy just because you are being harassed by creditors.
There are a few things that you can do on your own that will relieve some of the debt collection against you and help you make an informed decision about filing bankruptcy:
Bankruptcy - click on this link to read legal information about the different types of Bankruptcy.



You can stop collection agencies from harassing you by phone or by mail. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits collection agencies from contacting you once you request them, in writing, to stop. Use this Sample Debt Collection Letter to create a letter (either handwritten or typed) and mail one of those letters to each of the collection agencies that are contacting you.
Request a copy of your Credit Report. You can get your credit report free only once per year by visiting this website: Annual Credit Report or by printing and completing this form: Annual Credit Report Request.
Once you have your credit report, you should review it closely to be sure that each entry is correct. If you are ready to file for a bankruptcy, the credit report can help you with information you will need to file your bankruptcy.
My Rights as a Debtor - click on this link to read legal information about Debt Collection.


Legal Aid can advise and perhaps represent you not only with debt-related issues, but with warranties, home solicitation sales, used car purchases, payday loans, and other types of consumer problems.

Other Consumer Issues - click on this link to read legal issues about Purchasing a Used Car & More 
Written legal information on your rights as a debtor, and a variety of other CONSUMER and FINANCIAL ISSUES, is available at