SVLAS can help with  many legal problems. Included below are common examples.


Family Law
Do you need protection from an abusive family member?
Apply IMMEDIATELY if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Learn more about domestic violence...
Have you been accused of abusing or neglecting your child?
Have you been told your child may be placed in foster care?
Do you want a divorce?
Learn more about divorce...
Do you need to get custody or child support established?
Learn more about custody & child support...
Need advice or representation on custody, visitation or divorce?
Being evicted, locked out or landlord won’t make repairs?
Can’t get into public or subsidized housing?
Turned down for housing because you have children or because you are handicapped?
Afraid your home is in foreclosure or will be repossessed?
Other problems with the home you rent or are buying?
Been denied unemployment benefits or can’t get paid?
Unsafe working conditions or harassed on the job?
Consumer - Debt Collection - Bankruptcy
Been told your mobile home or car may be repossessed?
Wages being garnished?  Being sued? Facing foreclosure?
Utility service cut off without written notice to you?
Have you been refused electric, water, or telephone service?
Learn more about bankruptcy & consumer debts...
SSI or Food Stamps - Other Public Benefits
Can’t get SSI? Benefits being reduced or cut off?
Have you been denied benefits or are you receiving less than you should?  Told you can’t apply the day you come into the office?
Health Care - Medicaid or Medicare
Denied nursing home care or threatened with transfer?
Can’t afford to pay your hospital bills or buy medicine?
Are you pregnant and can’t pay for medical care?
Told you have too much income or resources to qualify for medical help or that your Medicaid or Medicare won’t cover your bills?


If you do not see your legal problem here, or if you are not sure how this applies to you, you should apply for Legal Aid if you feel you are eligible for service.

Learn more about eligibility here...

Please note that Legal Aid is not allowed to handle some types of legal problems.
We do NOT handle:
criminal cases.
traffic cases (including parking tickets);
class actions; or
fee-generating cases such as personal injury.
For assistance with these types of cases, the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (sponsored by the Virginia State Bar) should be able to connect you with an attorney who can assist you.
Call them toll-free at 1-800-552-7977
or visit
Other Resources
FREE Legal Information by Telephone
SVLAS is pleased to recommend this free service offered by The Virginia Partnership for Equal Justice, a consortium of legal aid programs in Virginia, which is made possible through a Technology Initiative Grant by the federal Legal Services Corporation.
This free legal information is available in several languages on a variety of topics.
If you are interested in hearing this legal information, please call on weekends, on holidays, or between 5 pm and 9 am on weeknights.
Call toll free: 1-866-Legal Aid (1-866-534-5243)
FREE Written Legal Information
Written information on dozens of legal topics is available to the public at no cost at:
FREE Online Legal Information
This self-help website of the Virginia Supreme Court provides information on dozens of legal topics, plus forms, locators for courts, mediators and lawyers in Virginia, and much more. Visit online at:

While Legal Aid does not have enough staff to meet all the legal needs in our area, we provide legal information and legal advice whenever possible.